Calculate Your Body Fat Percentage with our Calculators

Calculate your body fat percentage with Body Tracker. Users are guided step-by-step through the entire process. Body fat calculations can be taken in record time - with no training.

Don't know how to take body fat calculator caliper measurements? No problem.

As you take your measurements with a fat caliper, images and videos included in Body Tracker will show you exactly how to do it.

Keep Track of Body Tape Measurements

In addition to tracking your body fat, use a tape measure to keep track of ten different body measurements.

BMI and BMR Calculator

Use your weight and height in the BMI/BMR Calculator, a measure of your overall health.

Keep track of your workouts and cardio with Body Tracker

Simply enter your workout and cardio information into Body Tracker and save the information. If you do the same workout or cardio more than once, you can create a template to save time.

Record Blood Pressure and Pulse

In addition to other measurements, Body Tracker will also allow you to store your blood pressure measurements.

Picture Slideshow

You will love Body Tracker's Picture Slideshow. See pictures of yourself as you lose body fat. Nothing is more motiviating than seeing your own progress.

Graph Your Progress

Use Body Tracker's graphing feature to graph your progress. Select as much or little data as you'd like to graph.


All your data you enter into Body Tracker is stored and displayed in the history section.