FatTrack PRO DIGITAL Body Fat Calculator System
FatTrack PRO DIGITAL Body Fat Calculator System

Manufacturer: AccuFitness

The FatTrack PRO is the next evolution in Digital Body Fat Calculator and Workout Management Systems. Designed for use by individuals, personal and athletic trainers and coaches, and other fitness professionals, it is an integrated toolkit for measuring and tracking Body Fat Percentage (3 and 7-site Jackson-Pollack calculators), Lean Body Mass, Macronutrients, and Workout information with the goal of maximizing overall fitness program results! The included software includes 6 different body fat calculators



Product Description

The FatTrack® PRO DIGITAL Body Fat Calculator System includes a highly technological professional-grade skinfold caliper to be used by individuals, personal trainers, and other professionals to monitor Body Fat % and Lean Body Mass. The unit is programmed with 3 and 7-site Jackson-Pollack calculators (user selected) for estimating body fat % through skinfold measurements. The FatTrack® PRO is also the first digital body fat caliper to calculate and displays lean body mass; where others claim to be the only device that provides this information, the FatTrack® PRO has been accurately providing lean body mass information since 2004. Individuals and trainers can also use the caliper in a non-programmed mode, if preferred, to take skinfold measurements and use other calculators to calculate body fat % and lean body mass (alternate calculations included in My Workout Trainer software). Additionally, operators can program and store up to 50 user profiles which retain the last 3 readings for each user. The user manual includes tips on taking appropriate caliper readings and graphics showing the specific locations to measure.

The recently updated FatTrack® PRO caliper includes a sharper contrast LCD, state of the art internal electronics, easier button functionality and an improved menu navigation system all of which increase the unit’s ease of use. The FatTrack® PRO package also includes a convenient carrying case with carabiner clip for safe and easy storage or transport.

Rounding out the updated FatTrack® PRO Digital Body Fat Management System is a FREE copy of My Workout Trainer (body fat, workout, and macronutrient tracking software) on Mini-CD! This outstanding software package allows users to record, track, and chart body composition (body fat %, lean body mass, BMI/BMR, etc.), workouts (weight, cardio, self-defined), and macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats) information, over time! This, combined this with the ability to upload photos for visual reference along with data point comparison and progress correlation, make the feature rich FatTrack® PRO Digital Body Fat Management System a must have for the serious personal trainer and/or fitness enthusiasts who want to take fitness and conditioning to the next level!

This caliper works well with our body fat calculators in Body Tracker