FatTrack GOLD digital fat caliper
FatTrack GOLD PREMIUM Digital Body Fat Caliper

Manufacturer: AccuFitness

In the gym and in life – you want to Measure Up! AccuFitness, the most recognized name in body fat and composition measuring devices delivers the POWER THREE ADVANTAGE with the . . . FatTrack® GOLD PREMIUM. Three serious body fat management tools - packaged for your success! The FatTrack® GOLD PREMIUM with FREE MyoTape and BodyTracker Software enables you to measure and track Body Fat %, Lean Body Mass, and more by yourself, - easily, accurately and in the privacy of your own home!


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Product Description



FatTrack II Digital Body Fat Caliper with MyoTape and Body Tracker Software

  • Gold Standard Accuracy
  • Instructions and Measurement Information Included
  • FREE MyoTape in each FatTrack GOLD Premium package
  • FREE Body Tracker Software Included

1.) FatTrack II Digital Body Fat Caliper

  • DIGITALLY ACCURATE MEASUREMENT Improved quality, reliability, and functionality.
  • Hand held caliper for personal measurements in privacy of the home!
  • Automatically calculates and displays % body fat. No tables and charts to interpret. Simply enter age and gender with the first use of the FatTrack II
  • Uses state of the art technology for 1mm accuracy and 100% repeatability
  • Uses most popular trainer-recommended 3-site measurement system for men and women - upper, midsection, and lower body.
  • Audible BEEP indicates correct pressure and measurement, ensuring repeatable, reliable, and accurate results.
  • Self-calibrating for continuously accurate measurements.
  • Fitness rating indicator based on gender, age, and body fat %.
  • Stores 3 personal profiles.
  • Statistical report mode displays most recent, maximum and minimum readings at each measuring point.

2.) MyoTape Body Tape Measure

  • SUPER-ACCURATE MEASUREMENT OF ANY BODY PART Easy operation allows for one handed measurement.
  • Push-button retraction and locking features ensure snug measurement and superior accuracy.
  • Measures any body part - waist, biceps, thigh, calf, chest, and more!
  • Measures in inches and centimeters. Sixy inch (60") - 152.4 centimeter total tape length.

3.) Body Tracker Software

  • Body Tracker Software Calculate Body Fat Percentage, Lean Body Mass, and more!
  • Record and Track Tape Measurements, BMI, BMR, and Blood Pressure.
  • Graphing, Picture Slideshows, and Progress Printouts.