Don't just measure your body fat percentage - record your results with Body Tracker software desktop for Windows. Body Tracker includes all the equations and instructions you need to easily and accurately calculate your body fat percentgage. A $19.95 value. (Limited time only.)

Body Tracker
Fat Analyzer
Fat Analyzer

Manufacturer: Omron

Model: HBF-306C

Using the Omron Body Fat Analyzer to measure your body composition is a great way to track your progress and guide you to good health and wellness. Simply input your data and grip the unit for results in seconds.


* Includes FREE copy of Body Tracker Desktop software


Product Description

Accurately track body fat for a lean, healthier you! Fee great about your fitness and weight loss efforts, - even when the scale may not show the numbers you want. Tracking your body fat percentage (instead of just body weight) lets you know you're losing the "right" weight - fat instead of muscle.

Personal trainers PREFER and RECOMMEND the Omron Fat Loss Monitor. In addition to being used worldwide, you may have seen the Omron Fat Loss Monitor in your gym or fitness cneter. That's because it's also trusted by personal trainers - for its accuracy and ease of use. Most personal trainers track their client's body fat as a key indicator of exercising and healthy weight loss success.

Accurate Technology In Your Home. This monitor uses bioelectric impedance to measure your body fat versus lean body weight. Simply input your personal data and grip the unit. It sends a gentle current ghrough your upper torso to measure in seconds.


  • Stores 9 personal profiles plus guest
  • Measures in normal or athlete mode based on the Omron FIT index
  • Set to US or Metric system
  • Instruction manual includes recommended measurement times, BMI and Body Fat % guidelines by age and gender, how to calculate your FIT index and more!