How many people can use Body Tracker

Body Tracker can have an unlimited number of users on a single computer.

What are the product requirements?

Windows 2000/NT/XP/7/8 or greater

Hard disk with at least 6 meg free disk space

Why does my health club calculator calculate a different body fat percentage than what I calculate?

Body fat tests at a health club or clinic, in addition to their cost and inconvenience, require someone to perform the test on you (i.e., a "tester"). With methods such as bioelectrical impedance, other calipers, and even underwater weighing, you risk the possibility of different "testers" using different equipment, techniques, and procedures each time a test is performed which can greatly affect accuracy and reliability. Numerous studies have shown that one person's body fat test results can vary greatly depending on these variables. With the Accu-Measure fat caliper, you are in control of all of these variables - you perform the test using the same instrument in the same manner. By eliminating the variables which can affect accuracy and reliability, the Accu-Measure actually has a technical advantage over methods used in a health club or clinic.

How often should I test my body fat percentage?

That depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're happy with your current body fat percentage, a test every month or so will tell you if you're maintaining it. If you're trying to lose body fat, however, you should test yourself every week to make sure you're losing fat, not muscle. Daily body fat tests aren't necessary simply because fat doesn't disappear overnight. Keep in mind the body fat calculator has six calculators. The body fat calculator with more sites to measure is generally considered more accurate.

Which body fat calculator should I use?

Parrillo calculator method is the most common method for body builders and is typically the most accurate but is used for individuals who are already lean. If your body fat is over 15% then use the Durin/Womersley calculator. Jackson/Pollock calculator are used for people who have body fat under 12%.