Body Tracker for desktop

Windows Compatible

  • Use six body fat calculators to record body fat percentage
  • Unlimited clients
  • Record body tape measurements
  • Record your macronutrients
  • Record Blood Pressure
  • BMI and BMI Calculator
  • Store pictures of yourself to see your progress over time
  • Graph all your results
  • One Rep Max Calculator
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  • Body Tracker Product Tour
Unlimited Clients

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Leaders in body-measurement software

  • We've been developing software for 19 years

    Since 1999, we have focused on one simple goal: making easy-to-use software so you can calculate your body composition using our body fat calculators, by yourself, with no prior experience.
  • Used by professionals around the globe

    Since it was first released 19 years ago, Body Tracker has been purchased and used by professional bodybuilders, figure competitors, personal trainers, gyms, and even a professional baseball team.
  • Our body fat calculators are a snap

    Why spend money and time having somebody else calculate your body fat percentage when you can do it yourself. Body Tracker will guide you every step of the way.
  • See pictures of yourself as you lose body fat

    Nothing is more motiviating than seeing pictures of yourself as you lose body fat. View your photos with your associated body fat percentage and measurements.