Our company's mission is to help millions of people improve their body composition. Because everyone is different, we can do a better job if we know more about you. But your personal information is yours. That's why everyone at Linear Software adheres to three simple rules.


We ask only for information that benefits you.

When you fill out a form, do you ever find yourself inquiring, "Why do they want to know that?" Usually you feel this way because you don't see a personal advantage in giving the information. At Linear Software, you always will.


We store your records on your own computer or mobile device

Unlike fitness websites, we do not snoop in your personal body fat, weight, and exercise logs in search of data that can be used for spamming you with marketing messages.


We shield your information from third parties

Body Tracker saves all records in a format that is only accessible to Body Tracker. If you enable HealthKit for the iOS Body Tracker apps then Body Tracker allows your body fat values, weight, BMI, BMR to be shared with the devices HealthKit database.